Energy from Waste  (Class C3 Chemical Recycling)

Waste4ME is the only multi-flow, 24/7 operated pyrolysis technology in the world.

Able to accept mixed waste streams and operating at 8000 hours per year at 8000 tons per year.

The unit was designed upon request by the Dutch military. As part of that request, the unit was built and operationally tested by the Dutch Military. Upon completion of the actual tests, the unit was accepted and approved by the Dutch Military and by the Dutch government as an approved C3 recycling installation.

Able to handle mixed waste sources such as:

  • Municipal household
  • Car and truck tires
  • Wood
  • Paper, cardboard
  • All plastics
  • Organic waste
  • And various other solid materials.
  • Also able to handle fluid waste materials.

Unit does not handle asbestos.  PVC in limited amounts due to emission regulations

EU classification on waste disposal

  • Class C3
  • Unit is tested and accepted by Dutch Government and holds all required certifications and acceptances for deployment in Europe.

Due to strict regulations (The Netherlands has the toughest rules in the world regarding emission and environmental impact), the unit can be deployed worldwide.

LCA available upon request

All acceptances from Dutch Government and military development available upon request.

Waste is converted via pyrolysis into ashes (including metals and precious fibers) and a choice of gas or oil. Gas and oil is being filtrated for use as fuel on LPG operated generator units (supplied together with the recycling unit) and sent to a generator unit. Depending on the waste input quality, one Waste4ME unit can supply up to 1800 households of electricity per year.


  • Unit price includes Shredder
  • Waste storage unit for 48 hrs storage
  • Operating system including remote control
  • Multi flow pyrolysis unit
  • Gas and oil filtration unit, gas
  • Oil storage capacity for several days
  • Generator set (containerized and sound proofed)
  • Access to gas composition database
  • Full technical support. Both remote and on-site

One Waste4ME unit:

  • Runs 8.000 tons of waste per year (1 ton per hour)
  • Operates 8.000 hours per year (after 10% maintenance time)
  • Handles multi-flow waste streams
  • Choice of output: gas or oil
  • 10% fibre material (usable for cement and containing precious metals)
  • Can be relocated in several days
  • Operated by basic car mechanic

Value chain:

  • Gate fee on receipt of waste
  • Oil or Gas
  • Alternative is electricity via conversion

SophSys BV can offer this technology in full compliance and assistance by Waste4ME.

Technical support and training is part of the offer.

Additional education on recycling technologies is offered to schools and local population and  is part of the presented offer.

Live tested

The Waste4ME unit is live tested in full capacity in the field on household waste. The tests were supervised by the Dutch Military and had to comply with the strict safety rules for military compounds.

After completion of the construction of an installation, the entire installation can be scaled up at 8.000 tons per step whilst staying in full operational mode. If upsizing is required, the Waste4ME installation offers the best option for quick and successful scale-up.

As part of the system, the buyer will obtain access to the Waste4ME database for gas and waste compositions. This database is built for users of the Waste4MEe to calculate and adjust waste compositions so to comply with emission regulations and optimize the yield of the unit.

The database is constructed out of data obtained by individual runs of single stream waste. With this individual test, the exact gas and oil composition of each individual waste type is determined, enabling the operators to adjust waste compositions during processing.

Interested in this technology?

Contact us for more detailed information and explanation of technology.

Interested to visit the unit and see it run?
Waste4ME operates a high-end research facility in Moerdijk, The Netherlands.

This location runs tests on specific waste compositions to determine the exact gas quality outcome. This research enables users of the unit to correctly calculate gas composition for their unit, based on type of input waste and % composition.

Current projects under development:

  • Croatia (1 pilot plant + 25 additional plants on various locations) (open for investors)
  • United Kingdom (several sites under development) (open for investors)

Sharing knowledge

Pryazovskyi State Technical University is one of the leading universities in Ukraine on engineering.
As a guest lecturer, the COO of SophSys, Mr Martijn Beerthuizen, teaches to both Bachelor’s and Masters students of topics such as fuel, engine modification and prototype development.

SophSys believes in the value of sharing knowledge with the students to prepare them for the outside world. As a hands-on teacher, Mr Beerthuizen lectures either via video link or in person at the university.
Lessons are done in English and with support of an Ukrainian partner, real time translated in the classroom. We are proud to be part of this university and proud to be part of their team.