News Update (April 2020).

SophSys is proud to announce the start of the Waste4ME pilot in Croatia. Converting 8000 tons of household waste into 5300 MW electrical output via pyrolysis, thereby providing 1800 households 24/7 with energy. The project is ready to take off; it will be backed by EU and Croatian funds that will cover 75% of the

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Sharing knowledge

Pryazovskyi State Technical University is one of the leading universities in Ukraine on engineering.
As a guest lecturer, the COO of SophSys, Mr Martijn Beerthuizen, teaches to both Bachelor’s and Masters students of topics such as fuel, engine modification and prototype development.

SophSys believes in the value of sharing knowledge with the students to prepare them for the outside world. As a hands-on teacher, Mr Beerthuizen lectures either via video link or in person at the university.
Lessons are done in English and with support of an Ukrainian partner, real time translated in the classroom. We are proud to be part of this university and proud to be part of their team.