DFC2020 is the all-in-one fuel enhancer. Designed to work on high and low quality fuel, DFC2020 saves on average 5% fuel and reduces emissions like CO2. Tested by SGS and in the field, DFC2020 has a strong track record and is recommended by rescue and fire brigades as well as truck drivers in several countries. DFC2020 holds all required certifications and permits and has an EN590 approval.

DFC2020 is tested and approved by Kharkiv State University for railway transport in Ukraine.

The DFC2020 fuel enhancer can be used on any make and model of diesel engine, regardless of the quality of the fuel used. (either high or low quality, no risks at any time).

For more info on DFC202, the all-in-one fuel enhancer, please visit the product website or contact our specialists.

Sharing knowledge

Pryazovskyi State Technical University is one of the leading universities in Ukraine on engineering.
As a guest lecturer, the COO of SophSys, Mr Martijn Beerthuizen, teaches to both Bachelor’s and Masters students of topics such as fuel, engine modification and prototype development.

SophSys believes in the value of sharing knowledge with the students to prepare them for the outside world. As a hands-on teacher, Mr Beerthuizen lectures either via video link or in person at the university.
Lessons are done in English and with support of an Ukrainian partner, real time translated in the classroom. We are proud to be part of this university and proud to be part of their team.